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         Family Mediation and how we can help:


Dignified Separation Mediation Services provides divorce and family mediation to couples who are facing divorce or need help creating fair child custody agreements.

One of the main goals at Dignified Separation Mediation is to make the separation process much less traumatic for you and your family. To accomplish this, we help couples engage in the process by focusing in a dialog while resolving disputes and providing solutions guided by a trained New Jersey divorce & family mediator.  By settling the process in this manor, this gives couples the control over their lives now and for their individual futures.  Couples privately hash out their differences and usually come to an inexpensive resolution.  We strive to come up with a mutually comprehensive agreement that can fit all parties involved.

We understand how stressful the separation process can be for you and to your family, especially with the children. Your settlement agreement will be fair and reasonable detailing the division of all financial assets, debts, alimony, child support, and co-parenting issues. We are committed to assisting you both to resolve all issues at hand and to get the divorce without costing you thousands and keeping these private details of your personal life, private.

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