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Welcome to Dignified Separation Mediation Services

When facing the possibility of a Divorce it can be scare, but there is a smart way to divorce Mediation and a not so smart way Litigation

Call today for a Free Consultation - We offer weekend and evening hours and NO retainer fees

We are accredited through the NJAPM and approved by the NJ court system

We have helped thousands of couples settle their divorce fast and inexpensively. We are accredited through the NJAPM.  We offer a structured mediation process separated into clear steps so that the issues specific to your case are identified and addressed efficiently.  Our process will help you to avoid the emotional and financial difficulties that a traditional litigated divorce can cause. 


Divorce does not have to be financially devastating. We do not charge a retainer fee and you pay as you go.  Your divorce can be finalized quickly through mediation. Family court dockets are crowded and a litigated divorce can take several years to be completed.  At Dignified Separation, your divorce can be completed in a matter of weeks.  Moreover, you decide the pace of mediation. Whether you wish to move through the transition quickly or require a longer time frame, you set the pace of your divorce not the court system.

We specialize in couples in distress looking to maintain a respectful relationship for their children’s best interest often find that the services of a qualified New Jersey divorce mediator is the most civilized way to address and resolve disputes.

We are accredited through the NJAPM and the NJ Court System.  This is the same accreditation that attorneys need to have to mediate.  By law in NJ whether your an attorney or not; a mediator can not give legal advice, so why pay for to have an attorney?  We can help director you in the right direction and help you find a half way point so your divorce can happen peacefully.  We have successful helped hundreds of couples with their divorce and/or child custody issues.  

We can accommodate evening and weekend hours. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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